KJ Cash Affiliate Program and Twink Pay Affiliate Program

Would you like to get in on the sales of all this hot exclusive gay Asian content you see here? I am just a webmaster myself, and I have to say, in gay Asian porn, nothing is selling better than GayAsianTwinkz.com right now! KJ Cash now owns TwinkPay Affiliate program as well, and they are producing exclusive high quality HD Asian gay content every week.

*50% Rev Share  *Up to $40 per sale  *Embedded videos

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If you’re looking for hot gay Asian content to promote with regularly added promo tools, embeded and hosted videos, image zips, and everything you need to earn stacks of cash, then KJ Cash and Twink Pay are the programs to sign on to!

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  1. doubledeck on

    Good day. I dont know if this is the right place to ask but I have been looking for your contacts to ask if you have any hiring for any position. I am willing to do anything as long as it is connected in this industry. Janitor, cameraman, make-up artist or even the one in the video. I am from the philippines. 21 years old. I am hoping for your positive response. Thank you.

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