Hermis Fucks Gilbert

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Gay Asian good looking hunk Hermis comes home with a adorable Asian twink for an after work gay sex pounding date. Hermis gets very friendly with the new Asian boys at work and he usually ends up in bed with them within a week. But he didn’t have to work too hard at getting this one’s attention. Hermis was in his sights from the very first time he laid his eyes on him.

Today it’s adorable little gay cutie Gilbert who hasn’t stopped flirting with him since he got hired 4 days ago. It didn’t take long for Hermis to respond to the “fuck me sexy hunk” vibes that were being sent his way by this adorable Asian gay boy. But then again, it never does.

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Hermis is always looking for gay sex to complete off his evenings after a long hard day at work. That’s why he like to get long and hard with the gay sex dates he brings home after work. Hermis is so damn good looking so it’s no wonder he really doesn’t need to look very hard for a gay sex fuck date. It always looks for him. So Hermis and Gil arrive home for an good looking evening of sexy gay sex.

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