Gay Pinoy Erotic Massage
Rates : 39

Gay Pinoy cutie Chi arrives at Arjo’s mansion for his gay sexy massage session. Chi is his masseur, a adorable, curly haired Chinese-Filipino twink. The massage begins and Chi has taken such a liking to Arjo’s adorable bubble butt. Chi slaps and squeezes his buns for a while. When Arjo turns face up, WOW, what a huge Filipino cock! There’s no doubt Chi has taken a huge liking to it as well. He gives a cock massage, sometimes referred to as a Linggam massage, then sucks that 10 inch Pinoy cock all the way down, gagging a couple times. Then he takes that big cock all the way in his ass. Arjo continues to bareback penetrate Chi for a good long time, then strokes out a thick oozing cum flow.

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